What a Weekend!

28 September 2008
I had the best weekend! I cannot tell you when I last went out on my own or for a girls' night out, so I was thrilled when Lenore asked me to join her to see Tarleton's production of Godspell on Saturday night. Lenore's daughter, Denea, was the "light of Jesus", or rather was the actor playing Jesus' spotlight operator. She did a great job!

My mother had told me lots about Godspell, but I'd never seen it. Godspell is based on the parables of Jesus found in the book of Matthew. I was blown away! The story was of course very moving. But, the songs were just as wonderful. I've had two of them, "Day By Day" and "Prepare Ye" stuck in my head all day. I must say that "Day By Day" is now one of my favorite songs, as it's message is so beautiful.

The cast of this particular production was outstanding! John The Baptist was played by Josh Goodwyn, and his voice gave me goose bumps! He is a very talented young man. Jesus was played by Matt Cox, another talented young man. He had great stage presence and was a very likable, "down to earth" Jesus. A highlight of the cast was Tessa Reynolds who played Gilmer. She was great at the comedic elements of the story, and wowed the audience with her jump roping abilities. Caitlin Mills played Sonia, and was amazing. She has the most stunning eyes, amazing voice, and you were just drawn to whatever she was doing on stage. Rachael Scurlock singing "Day By Day" was just very moving to me. This lady can sing! To be fair, the whole cast was just outstanding!

Today was spent hanging out with Dan and the kiddos. It was nice to just chill out and enjoy each others' company. Most weekends are not at all restful or family oriented, as we are always working on the house. It was a very nice change of routine. Then Dan had a meeting at work, so the kids and I were invited to dinner at the neighbors. We had a feast and some awesome fellowship with Lenore, John. Denea, and Marge. We talked about movies, mostly musicals, and just really had a nice time. These folks have truly become like family in very short period of time. We are truly blessed to have such wonderful neighbors!

So, we had a great weekend! I hope yours was just as great!


lynette355 said...

So are you finally relaxed? And all that stress from last week dripping away? I hope so! Glad you had a good time. And you do know, Friends are the Family you Choose. So know your always welcome here as you are our friends and family.

Wep said...

Girl's nights rock :)