"Show Me Your ______!"

18 March 2009
Now I know kids are full of questions, that's part of being a kid. I also know that kids love to say interesting things whenever they have an audience, as I said, it's a kid thing. Moms know these things, right? Well, I may know these things but nothing could have prepared me for this interesting request Ashley sprung on me.

Our neighbors, John & Lenore popped over to visit yesterday evening. The guys were in another room doing their thing and us gals were hanging in the living room. Ashley showed Lenore her new book, Where Babies Come From. At that point I realized the conversation was going to take an interesting turn, but I wasn't sweating it. Lenore is a mom and an extremely logical person, so she rolled with the punches and helped me answer the questions Little Miss was throwing at me. We were treated to some great insights too,like how your belly button looks like the tied off end of a balloon. Ashley's might, mine looks like a huge sink hole. Anyway,things went along just fine, I felt good about our group girl talk.

Then Ashley says "Show me your uterus!" My jaw drops and I'm just speechless. I've heard some strange request before, but nothing half as unique as that. Trying to keep my composure, and I'm afraid I didn't do to well, I explain that I cannot just remove it to let her take a peek. It occurs to me this was much funnier as it was happening than it is now. I fielded some more questions like
"Where is your uterus?"
"Um, inside me, Sweetie."
Pointing to my ample gut area "In that general vicinity someplace." I know, I am such a brilliant mother.

I'm not sure how, but we got off that topic, thankfully. Some days are so weird when you're a Mommy!

What's the best question or request your kids have ever come up with?

SAVING is good.


Nessa said...

bahaha..that made me laugh..boy the crazy things i've heard from kids!!!

lynette355 said...

Show me you Uterus is the best yet!

But I find that boys asking questions about girls periods quirky and awkward too!

Bekah said...

hahahaha I love that!

I dont have any kids, but my nephew comes out with some wild stuff at times! I just love how honest and simple some of their statements are!

Unknown said...

That is hysterical....and just think of the weird google searches that will lead to your blog with that topic....LOL.