Weight Loss Musings

19 May 2009
So, I've been dieting for about two weeks now. I had lost 12 pounds, but gained a few back over the weekend. Guess I just have to work harder this week! My pal Lynette is doing this with me. She is doing shots, Alli, and has a Curves membership. I am going the old fashioned route just counting calories. For exercise I am doing the WiiFit and a slew of assorted exercise videos. I have so much weight to lose, it sometimes seems impossible. I am trying to set short term goals and work like crazy to achieve them. I put a weight loss ticker way down at the bottom of the blog , that I plan to update weekly. Maybe sharing this here will help keep me more accountable!

The whole family has gotten in on the healthier eating. I am really quite proud of the kiddos and Dan, they are not screaming for sugar like I thought they'd be. I did splurge and get a variety package of those 100 calorie packs of cookies and stuff. They are great for Dan's lunches and the kids grab one for after school. One of them had Rice Krispie treats in it, which I was super excited about, I love those things! Anyway, over the weekend I went to Dollar General to get more and they didn't have any. Imagine my surprise when the box of regular Rice Krispie treats proudly proclaims they are "still only 90 calories'! What? I paid $1 a box more for the others and got more calories than the normal version! It has made me aware that I really need to read labels!

The hardest part so far has been making myself eat. Yes, you read that right, I don't eat most of the time. Usually breakfast with the girls then nothing until dinner. Well, almost nothing, I actually usually end up cramming junk down around 3, so eating regularly has been a big change. It seems to be working though!

Do y'all have any weight loss tips you want to share with me?


Rhonda said...

No tips except I am trying to lose weight too. I started Alli today and have been counting calories on their program since Sat and am down 2 - but I lose very slowly.
Writing everything down and counting it seems to be helping.

I do want to tell you that I LOVE your bluebonnet header picture!
I'm a Texan living in Oklahoma and I do miss those pretty bluebonnets.

lynette355 said...

writing it down really helps me
til today lol

TxFarmhouse said...

Well, this Texas girl loves to eat and my body shows it! I, too, am trying to lose weight the old fashion way. I still need to drag the treadmill out of the barn and bring it up to the house.
Tip: drink lots of water..keep it cold and handy and drink, drink, drink before meals.
Good Luck,

Unknown said...

Keeping a food journal DOES seem to help, but I can only stick to that a few days at a time. I try to keep things like cut up cucumbers and tomatoes on hand when I just want something to put in my mouth! Keep up the good work and whether you lose weight or not, just keep moving. The weight will eventually get in gear if you don't stop moving.

App said...

About 2 years ago I posted my diet plan on my blog. It's one that really works and is super healthy. There is no unhealthy fads involved in this one and there is no calorie counting (but there is some counting involved that is much simpler)

Yes, you will have to read the labels on everything, not just the nutrition information but sometimes the ingredients, as well.

And the best part is how one day a week you can eat anything you please...anything. This is why it works. Because you can do this, you are more likely to stick with it long term and not give up.

So not only will you lose weight and keep losing it, you will become healthier, and probably even happier, too.


Unknown said...

my big tip I really like to stick too (especially in the summertime when your hours tend to run later) is never eat anything after 8:00 pm, but feel free to drink what you want.

because the only thing food does after 8:00 is just sit there while you relax, and sleep. It does not have the opportunity to be lost as calories.

But really that is my only tip, I am working on my weight loss too. My favorite exercise in summer is swimming any chance I get, and I like to walk in the evenings. I can't wait to hear how it goes.

Robin said...

Congrats on getting the support of your family! That makes it more of a lifestyle change so they don't think that being healthy means suffering!
The things that worked best for me were never skipping meals, scheduling healthy snacks, keeping good food handy so I didn't fall back on bad convenience foods, drinking lots of water, logging what you eat which can help you find what may be lacking, and getting active! Joining Weight Watchers is what I needed since I didn't know how to start, and their website has lots of free features that might have some ideas for you too.
Best wishes!

Becky said...

Best wishes...you can do it! It's such a hard thing for all of us!! I am not happy at my current weight/size! Exercising is not something that I just love to do but, it is important to losing and toning.
Also, as someone else said, drink LOTS of water!