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28 September 2010
I checked and this will be blog post number 53 for me. I looked at that number and was astounded that I have come up with 53 different things to blab about in a little over a month. Well, not really, because if you give me a topic, I'm pretty good at spouting off my opinion on almost anything. The amazing part was that I'm not pulling these topics from a book of pre-written ideas. I have, so far, depended solely on my own life (which rarely has a dull moment to offer) or the the news which, I have decided, is entirely full of idiots and stupidity. I have enjoyed every second of writing these posts and getting the amazing feedback from people through emails, Facebook, grocery store run ins, Twitter, and comments on my blog. Thank you all so much for keeping my fun little hobby just that.

When I first mentioned in a tweet that I thought I should blog and someone should pay me to do it, I was joking. Truth be told, I had no idea that anyone really did that and I was just spouting off and being silly in my newly frantic jobless state. I started the blog to have fun and to give me some way to get my opinions out in the world. Its frustrating to have all these ideas shuffling around in your head when you're at home with a preschooler and a toddler who can't talk politics, or the environment and only want to watch Mickey Mouse. As I mentioned before, I have an opinion on almost everything and those opinions need to come out!

So, thus far, I've told you about my semi-green lifestyle, my kids, my opinion on certain celebrity blunders, chickens and coffee. I could talk religion and politics and fashion and food too. Or maybe child birthing options or medical mysteries. You name it. I have also been toying with the idea of hosting an occasional giveaway. The thing is, I don't want to turn into a review or a giveaway only blog. I want to keep things fun to read and informative in a very non-informative way. I want to help people promo. things they made at home or tell you about things that I really and truly love. (Which I kind of do anyway.... see *pumpkin*) 

Here is where you all come in. If you are of the crafty nature like Amanda Rempe, which I am NOT, and you are interested in giving yourself some props or a kick off launch into the land of internets, let me know. You scratch my back, I'll scratch yours or something along those lines. The world is full of blogs, and free stuff, and fun so I think we should all jump in and play together. Here's the thing, I don't want to only do promos, and I don't want to review stuff just to review it, so you have to be creative and you might have to be patient. I'm thinking once a week or once a month right now so I can keep spouting off my pointless mumbo-jumbo to you too. Also, if you have something that you're dying to know my opinion on, all you have to do is ask. I'm more than willing to banter back and forth with each and every one of you.

So, before I go for the day and attempt to clean my house, finish the laundry, turn on Mickey Mouse (again) and pack, I want to say THANK YOU one last time to each and every one of you and to NESSA for helping me get started and keep rolling. You all rock my socks. Mwah!

Disclaimer: I don't know this kid. Thank Google Images.
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