Five Things About This Mom MeMe

14 May 2008
This sounded like a fun thing to do. I just hope I can think of five interesting things about me, lol.

1. I LOVE to cook. Trying new recipes is one of my favorite things. I can already tell this is something I am passing down to my kiddos, which makes me very happy.

2. House work is not my thing. It seems that lots of people think that all SAHMs are like June Cleaver, but that is sure not the case around here. Thank goodness for Flylady; she helps my house stay straightened out.

3. I am a closet gamer. My game of choice is Sims 2 on my pc. I really like it. A lot.

4. At any given moment there is a stack of coupon inserts sitting on my desk that need clipping and filing. They all get done eventually, but I need to be more organized.

5. The tv character I drool over is House M.D. (Hugh Laurie) His eyes make me weak in the knees!

There you have it! Maybe they aren't very interesting facts, but they are some of the lesser known things about me.

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