Eating Out At Home - Golden Arches Breakfast

15 August 2008
The four of us love to go to the golden arches for a weekend breakfast treat. Now that we've moved to a small town, that is no longer an option. So, here are the recipes I've used to keep us all from having fast food breakfast withdrawal.

Egg Mcmuffin - DH and I both love these!

Breakfast Burrito - Tristen devours these things!

Fruit and Yogurt Parfait - Yummy!

Vanilla Iced Coffee - Warning, these can be habit forming!

Ashley loves pancakes as a special breakfast, so her normal meal when we do golden arches breakfast is frozen pancakes, warm syrup, and a parfait. I always cook up some frozen hash browns and serve OJ as well. A great family friendly breakfast done frugally. I hope ya'll enjoy!

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