Time Flies!

15 August 2008
The week has whizzed by in a blur! Where does the time go?

I started my new in home childcare job on Monday, so we've all been trying to adapt to that. The parents' work schedule varies a lot, so it's been interesting. Thank goodness the kids are sweethearts! The only real trouble has been from my daughter, who is not much liking having to share the attention. Having an infant in the house for the first time in eight years as been pretty interesting as well. I salute all you mamas with babies; I'd forgotten how challenging it can be!

I've also been ill with a nasty allergy/sinus/upper respiratory thing. Fun! At least I feel like I can breath today! Feeling like you cannot breath is not my cup of tea. I am hoping that it's finally getting better and going away.

Sorry for the sporadic posting this week. With both kids home together for pretty much the first time all summer, adding three more kids to the mix, feeling icky, and trying to get some sort of routine set, life has just been crazy. It is beginning to get better though. So, I do apologize and hope to be posting as usual from now on.

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Anonymous said...

Good luck with you in home daycare and I am glad you are feeling better! That is always hard when mom is sick.