Fallen Off the Wagon

04 August 2008
I confess, I've fallen off the wagon and I'm just sick about it. Since we've moved I haven't done any major shopping. Our stockpile is down to bare bones and I now don't have access to my awesome doubles & triples grocery store. It makes me a little panicky.I still clip and file my coupons, I'm all sorts of organized. I just very rarely leave the house. We did go to Stephenville and shop at HEB and Piggly Wiggly. The pig had awesome meat at a great price. HEB seems to have a few good deals. But neither allows me to shop the way I've been doing. I need to figure these new stores out. I will not admit defeat and start paying full price for stuff! There are deals to be had, I just have to find them!

So, to all you coupon queens out there in the land of no doubles, how do you do it? Here in Podunk my only options are Brookshires, Dollar General, Family Dollar, and Alco.

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Courtney said...

I just stumbled onto your blog. I'm in south Texas - Corpus Christi area. I have the same problem here. You probably won't find super deals. Here's how I've been doing well:
HEB - They have a promotion called "combo loco" which will get you free food items when you purchase one other item. You'll see the yellow coupons all over the store for these things. They also have a "meal deal" which is sometimes really great and sometimes not so much. You can usually make 2-4 meals with the items in the meal deal. It works the same way as combo loco. I somewhat use those deals as a basis for my shopping and definitely pair coupons where I can (even if the coupon is for one of the free items because they don't knock off the price for the item till the end when they scan the yellow store coupon).
Dollar General - Although not always cheaper than other stores, it comes close within pennies and is generally cheaper. If you check their website online, you can find a weekly ad link which will feature items you can get rebate on once you send in your form and receipts at the end of the month. I think they send you a gift card to use at the store. Keep using the gift card rebate money on other things that will produce a rebate and you can essentially start getting free items from there.
I don't know if you have a CVS or Walgreens in your area, but they work the same way. They even offer immediate store cash back to use on your next immediate purchase as well as other coupons. Definitely keep pairing sales and coupons. You may not find double or triple opportunities, but hopefully you'll work out a new system that can work for you. :)
Good luck from another Texas Housewife. :)