Sunday Waffles

03 August 2008
Our "big" breakfast every week in on Sunday. We eat a late breakfast in bed, with the whole lot of us piled up in bed watching old movies. We all look forward to it every week.

This week, DH had a mandatory store meeting, so he decided to spend the day at my grandparents house helping Pop since it was closer to the store. A kill two birds with one stone type of thing. So, he left early without breakfast. I offered him a pop tart, but I think he was going to get the yummy breakfast burritos on the way out of town.

Anyway, I wanted to stay in bed, I'd slept awful, having nightmares about Dick Van Dyke all night. But, I had things to do. I threw on a robe, went out and started a load of laundry. Pretty good for 6am I thought. Then back in to make Little Miss some waffles. They stuck. No matter what I did, they stuck to the waffle iron. Two out of a batch of 14 came out and they were so sweet tasting you didn't want to eat them. No more Mrs. Butterworth's mix for this family! Little Miss greedily ate these two and asked for more, but by that time the batter was gone and I was a very frustrated mama. So, we had Count Chocula, breakfast of champions, with coffee and OJ. So much for waffles.

From now on, Sunday breakfast will always be our norm: cowboy scrambled eggs, bacon or sausage, and toast. No more spur of the moment ideas.

Hope you all have a great Sunday!

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