Random Ramblings ~ Ice, Chores, & Wii

29 January 2009
Well, this week has been interesting. The cold snap really messed up my schedule by sending the kids home from school early one day, then keeping them and DH home late the next.

My washing machine was frozen up for two days, so I haven't made much progress on Mt. Washmore. A few minutes ago I got it going and it immediately filled up with brown, yuck water. I am going to let a cycle run without laundry in it and hopefully flush out that yucky stuff. I swear laundry is all I do! I feel like the man on the donuts commercials, but in my case it's "time to do the laundry"!

The past few days haven't felt that cold in the house, yet my dish soap froze in the kitchen again, so I guess it was a bit fresh. Today actually seems colder, as my fingers are freezing as I type. We really need a heater in our room! Our gas jet in here is clogged or froze up or something. All I know is it needs to be fixed! I've opened all the curtains trying to bring in some sunshine and warmth. I really hope it warms up soon. Part of me wants to pull the electric blanket off the bed and wear it as a wrap the rest of the day!

I used some of my hard earned Ebay money and ordered my Wii Fit last night. I cannot wait for it to get here! The fact that I payed for it myself makes me so happy! It's nice to have my own money sometimes. I hope this thing motivates me to move my tush more than I do now!

I am hoping to get caught up on the housework that I'm behind on before the weekend. Weekends always mess everything up and it seems Monday is always a big re-straighten and regroup sort of day. Hopefully we'll get to do something fun this weekend, if the weather is nice. I get so tired of being stuck in the house all the time.

SAVING is good.


Unknown said...

okay, I have a question! I have a Wii. I have sports games with it. I want a Wii Fit. Is the Wii Fit simply the balance board and it's components? Or is there something else I need?

lynette355 said...

something fun this weekend?
hummm. Well I am going to enjoy a weekend away from home. Time to get to just unwind. Eat good food (am looking forward to cooking some different things) and have a few drinks with friends over games. Would love for you to join me. But I know you already said no way. My loss.

lynette355 said...

ok on gas for heater being clogged.
turn off gas. #!
value at jet. remove.
there is a lil hole there.
use a needle there to unblock it.
turn on gas.

Anonymous said...

Good one! - Mt. Washmore. Can sure identify with that.

I want to know about the Wii question, too, after your fingers warm-up.


Nessa said...

Wii Fit~
The way I understand it is that Wii Fit is the name of the game and you need the Wii balance board to use it. That was my impression anyway. I'll post more once it gets here!

Denea said...

*warm hugs from toasty dorm room*

Good luck with the washing machine and the heater!