Figuring Out Web Hosting

03 March 2009
I recently created a blog for a friend's business. It turned out well, but she wanted it moved to a custom domain rather than Blogger. Since I know very little about web hosting, custom URLs and such, I started doing some research.

There are so many companies to choose from when it comes to web hosting! How does a person know which one to choose? Well, I've found a resource that really helps! This site offers reviews of all the web hosting services out there. You can even see how users have rated the different web hosting services, which I really like.

Since I am seriously thinking of moving Ramblings to a custom domain, this site has proven very useful. I need to find something that is affordable, very user friendly, and just the all around best service I can find. I feel sure I will be able to find exactly what I'm looking for! If you are looking for a new web hosting service, you definitely want to check it out!

SAVING is good.

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