It's Gardening Time!

03 March 2009
Last spring we attempted to grow a huge garden. We planted over 60 tomato plants, thinking that not all of them would do well, so at least we'd get a few. The whole thing did not go so well. Garden insects took their toll on all our vegetables. It sure would've been nice to have Safer Brand's organic tomato growing kit! The only things that did well were the peppers, but we planted more of them than I could ever feed my family. Thankfully we were able to can them. And can them and can them. We had tons of these peppers.

This spring we are trying again on "hopefully" a smaller scale. And due to my OCD neighbor who is sharing our garden (and the work) we are challenged to do this organically. We are looking at using other plants as organic bug control. Like marigolds and garlic help take care of aphids. She says slugs have vulnerable bellies and do not like the feel of coffee grounds. Okay, she has used this ideas. I am willing to try. I've also gone here to find lots of organic pest control info.

Currently we have put out some potatoes and onions. Of course we are in the middle of a drought. And water is not ran to the garden. Okay, the men did this not us women! Maybe the goal is to plant and then the rain will come????? I am sure this is going to work out in the next week or so. But I am impatient and would like to have things in order now.

Only time will tell how the garden ends up this year. I'll post regularly to the blog to let you know how it's going. Wish us luck!

SAVING is good.

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Sharon said...

Marigolds work GREAT for pest control. Plant a couple between each tomoto plant and you won't see one worm. We've used the marigolds for three years with trememdous success. :)