Look At His Finger Fly!

06 March 2009
Something that has always fascinated me is court reporting. It looks insanely hard! My pal Lenore went to school to become a court reporter and she said it sure wasn't easy!

I recently went to court with a friend and I was enthralled with the court reporter. He was an older, distinguished looking gentleman. There he sat, in what looked to be the most comfortable chair in the place, typing away frantically, while paying no attention to his hands. I was so impressed! You should see my try to type this! Anyway, he was working away at amazing speed, yet staring around the room with a glazed over expression. I imagined him thinking things like "I wonder what's for dinner. Did I turn off the coffee maker. I really need to wash underpants and socks tonight." Yes, I have a strange imagination. But, this gentleman completely impressed me. He sure made what has to be a tough job look really easy. Court reporters, I tip my hat to you.

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lynette355 said...

i think he was thinking

ok this is boring
what can i type to jazz this thing up


it is an amazingly hard job that he made look very easy