My Little Skater Boy

01 March 2009

Tristen loves skateboards. At first I thought this was a passing phase, but he has been interested in them for years. He seems to fancy himself the next Tony Hawk. I am all for nurturing his interests, I just want him to be safe. By the way, he was just posing for a pic in that shot above, not riding without a helmet. I am insane about safety and skateboards!

So, we've recently began the search for a new skateboard. We've found pretty much every skateboard you could ever dream of at Warehouse Skateboards! They even offer a custom board feature, so you can design the perfect board for you. Tristen can spend hours drooling over their website. They offer quality products in all sorts of styles. I think we will be giving them our family's business for years to come. If you are in the market for a new skateboard, I highly recommend them!

SAVING is good.

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