Baby Fever

04 April 2009
I think I have baby on the brain the last few days. I love babies and sometimes get "baby fever". We cannot have anymore children which most of the time makes me happy, yet sometimes it makes me rather sad. Thankfully, my pal Lynette has lots of nieces and nephews stashed around, not to mention grand babies. I think her niece and nephew she was babysitting last night are responsible for my new bought of 'baby fever".

I absolutely loved pregnancy. Even through terrible morning sickness, massive gallbladder problems, high blood pressure and all the not so fun parts, I enjoyed feeling that life growing inside me. Plus there are so many fun things about pregnancy like picking nursery themes, shopping for your new bundle of joy, and choosing baby names.

If you are doing any of those fun things, or suffering through any of the not so fun things, you might want to check out that link above. You can find all sorts of great information for those expecting a new family member. From names to questions about fertility, you will find great answers there. There is even a really cute pregnancy widget for your blog or website! Why did I not know about sites like this when I could have used them?


Stacie said...

Following you from MBC - hope to see you at my blog as well.

Happy Sunday to you! =)

Kimberly said...

Awww. I think whether you have one or ten kids, a part of you as a mother will always long periodically for another baby. There's just something so wonderful and magical about infancy.