Honoring the Past

08 April 2009
Our house is special. It was built by and has always been occupied by a member of my family. My great great aunt who built the house with her husband was an amazing gardener and professional florist. The landscaping she did here was amazing. The house is surrounded by terraced flower beds and there is a large fish pond in the side yard. In it's day, it was an absolutely beautiful site.

WE are working on getting the house, yard included, back to the condition of yesteryear. Once we have everything beautiful again, I'd like to put a bronze plaque on or near the fish pond to honor the memory of Aunt V. I feel that it is right to have permanent recognition of the wonderful family that built and loved our home before us.

So, I've been checking into Bronze Markers And Plaques. You can get these to place on a building, use them for awards, put them on flagpoles, and all sorts of other things. Of course, you can also use them as grave markers. Bronze markers will stand the test of time and this is why I feel they are just the thing for our purposes.

I've found that ordering direct from the foundry is a much more economical way to buy bronze plaques. Trophy shops and even funeral home are not looking to give the consumer the best value, but to make a profit. Ordering direct on your own seems to the best way to get exactly what you want at a much more reasonable price. This way you cut out the go between or middle man and get the best deal possible. I would suggest this for anyone needing a bronze plaque or marker for any purpose. Even if you are shopping for a grave marker, buying direct from the foundry is going to save you some money.

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