Old Lady?

09 April 2009
The other day I ran to a local store to grab a few things. My total was something like $8.30 and I paid with a $10 bill. It wasn't until I got home that I realized I had been short changed a dollar. So, the assistant manager, Lynette's DH, called up there and made sure they put the dollar aside for me to pick up later. I popped in there last night to grab it and explained the situation to the clerk on duty. She dug around in a drawer but only found a $20 bill with a note that said "Some old lady left her change". She asked if I was sure it was only a dollar and I said yes. All she could think of was that maybe the clerk in question the other night misunderstood how much money to set aside for me. If that was the case, then this kid who was working thinks this 30 year old mama is an old lady! I was horrified! All night long, thoughts of being the old lady ran through my head. By today, I was darn mad! Well, turns out, my dollar was set aside and put somewhere different. Some "really old" lady had left her change on the same night. I am so glad I'm not an "old lady"! The idea of starting to go out with curlers in my hair and such was beginning to seem a bit daunting, lol.

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Michael said...

Funny story, old lady :-)