My Dream Vacation

09 April 2009
My dream is to visit London one day. There is so much to see and do there. We've never really traveled at all, so the idea of London just sounds thrilling to me. I would go right this second if I had the opportunity.

Being the frugal woman I am, I have checked out hotels online trying to see how much it would cost to make this dream trip a reality. I was quite surprised to find this West End hotel was quite a value. Not only is this place a cheap hotel London, but it is located within walking distance of many of the attractions I want to check out. Central location and prices that are really good for the central London area make this place a winner in my book. So, assuming I ever get there, the St Giles London is looking great for a place to stay.

Ultimately, I 'd love to see not only London, but most of Europe. Maybe one day, when the kids have left the nest we will actually make it over there. Right now I'd settle for a nice vacation closer to home. We've never really traveled as a family, so even a weekend trip sounds awfully nice!

Have you ever traveled abroad? I'd love to hear about the interesting places my readers have visited!

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