Plus Size Fashions

23 April 2009
As a plus size woman I hate that most clothes in my size are not all that attractive. I will admit we've come a long way from when I was a large teenager and all the clothes that fit looked like something my grandmother should be wearing. But, even now finding cute, trendy clothes in my size can be difficult. I guess that's why my wardrobe consists mostly of sweats for cold weather and capris for warm.

I have managed to find some really cute Large Ladies Clothing. The have a Homespun collection that I really enjoy. The outfit I like most is called Patch It Up, featuring a great patchwork tunic and funky, 70s style jeans. I also love pretty much all their dresses. They are flirty, sassy, and fun! Plus, they seem to be quite affordable. I could be a very cute housewife with some of these clothes. How I'd love to switch out of these tired, dowdy threads I wear most of the time now. If only we had a company like this around here.

I am determined to find some cute, affordable plus size fashions locally. Too bad I can't sew, I'd try to make myself some! So, I ask all you trendy, plus size mamas, where do you find your adorable duds? I am looking and coming up empty!


Rhonda said...

There are 2 Walmarts in my town, one rarely has cute clothes but I shopped at the other one Sunday and found 5 cute tops, a nightie and a capri PJ set. All are nice and cost less than $80.

My FIL gave me $100 out of the blue and told me buy something I wanted and I really needed some summer things.

Dress Barn has very cute, nice quality things but they are more expensive than Walmart.
Cato has nice things, - they are usually higher than Walmart but cheaper than Dress Barn.

and if you don't mind "digging around" I've gotten a few favorite clothes at Ross Dress for Less.

If you are sure about your size, there are sometimes bargains to be found on Ebay too.

About sewing, I do sew but I rarely sew clothes for myself anymore. I just like the store-bought fit better.

Anele said...

Given I'm just out of reach of most "plus size" stuff in stores like Kmart, I'm usually forced to catalog shop at the usual suspects like Lane Bryant Catalog (which is now defunct and running as A word that their size chart runs a size higher than old LBCatalog. I'm not a happy camper about that!), Roamans, Jessica London has some stuff too, Catherine's Plus Size which also has brick and mortar stores. has some cute stuff but I think they're a little pricey.