Video Games and Tweens

23 April 2009
Okay y'all, my son is video game obsessed. They are all he thinks about or is capable of carrying on a conversation about. This is strange because I am very selective about what he's allowed to play and how often. It's making me insane!

The normal was he could game after his homework was done for 30 to 45 minutes. This worked well because he normally chose to play the Wii Fit games, which I felt were a benefit to a kid who isn't all that active. But, suddenly his focus changed and he started pushing his limits. He now wants to play games he is not allowed to or tries to extend his time on the game system. He got so carried away with talking about nothing but games that we finally have made new rule: no games on weekdays and games with time limits on weekends only if he has done all his chores all week and done well in school. It bothers me that he thinks playing video games are a right rather than a privilege. I really hope the new rules help snap him out of it.

Do any of your little ones drive you crazy with things like this? What solutions have you found?

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Banteringblonde said...

OMG I could talk to you for hours on this topic. My boys are obsessed and honestly it would be all they talked about if I didn't ask them about something else just to break the monotony! My DH and I differ on our opinion but I also did the no screen time during the week thing. I have found that it motivates them more if they know they can play for an hour after homework and practice and to be honest several days of the week there just isn't time with some of the other activities they do. Works right now but I have to tell you it is something I constantly tweek!