Shopping for the Little Ones

21 April 2009
My kids are way past the baby clothes stage, but I still love buying baby clothes for my adorable niece and nephews. I am always looking for adorable clothes at great prices. There is something really fun, or maybe slightly addictive, about buying baby clothes. Maybe I just like it because babies have no choice but to wear whatever cute outfit you put them in. Now I have Ashley who refuses to wear anything even remotely adorable.

I really like designer baby clothes that can be found at a great price. I really like the line of clothes put out by barefoot dreams. The clothes are cute, well made, and comfortable, all things I look for when buying clothes for little ones. You just can't beat a combination life cute, comfy, and quality!

While browsing for possible gifts for the small ones in my life, I can across the jellycat brand of plush animals. These are so cute, I want one of each variety! I seriously love stuffed animals! I want a Bashful Monkey to keep on our bed! These are really great plush animals and would make an excellent gift for kids of all ages.

So, back to browsing I go. What are your "go to" gifts for the smaller children in your life? You know I love hearing about what works for all of you.

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