Coffee With Marge

21 April 2009
One of my best friends is Lynette's mother, Marge. She is a wonderful 75 year old grandma who I loved instantly! We can sit and talk on her porch for hours. I am blessed to have this wonderful woman in my life.

We went out for coffee today, like we do two or three times a week. It was strange without Lynette there, but it was still fun. I cannot tell you how much I enjoy my morning coffee outings with the girls. There are usually four of us - me, Lynette, Marge, and Kathy. We range in age from 75 to 30, but we get along great! I so look forward to these mornings because the fellowship with my gal pals truly enriches my life. It helps keep me going through the week.

After coffee, Marge and I went to buy some plants. There is a wonderful place here that offers organically grown flowers, herb, and vegetable plants. The prices are great and the whole thing is done on the honor system. Thee is not an attendant, just a big metal lock box which you slip your money into. We had a great time browsing through all their selections and deciding what to bring home. I got several things I'm really excited to experiment with! Marge helped me choose because she is a whiz when it comes to plants! Hopefully, she'll help me not kill all my new delicious plant babies!

Do you have a regular "coffee clutch" or girls day? I'd love to know what y'all do when you get together with your girlfriends!

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lynette355 said...

yeah mom is good with plants but i have to laugh as she killed the last set of herbs i brought home

i will be "surprised" when I see them at home again. make her feel good for replacing them!