Sprinkler Dilemma

20 April 2009
I've written before about the huge amount of landscaping around our house. We also have a very large garden. Our home sits on well over an acre of land, so taking care of all the plant life around here is quite a chore. Especially when you only have a handful of inconveniently placed water faucets.

I'd love to get some of those built in sprinkler systems. These Fort Worth Sprinkler Systems are a great deal, too bad they aren't located a bit closer. The seem to have really reasonable rates and do great work. I wish we had a place like this locally.

Since we don't, we have to rely on hundreds of feet of water hose. It's no fun at all to drag great lengths of house all over the lot. Unfortunately this is the only choice we have at the moment. So, we drag our hoses about and let our tractor sprinklers do their thing. I suppose it could be worse, we could be stuck with only one front faucet like some of our neighbors.

So, I am constantly looking for irrigation alternatives. What do you guys do about watering your flower beds and vegetable gardens? I'd love to hear what works for you!

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