Baby Proofing Has Come A Long Way

14 May 2009
In the years since I've had an infant, baby safety and baby proofing products have improved so much. There are gadgets on the market now that fascinate and impress me. The experts have thought of everything in an effort to keep little ones safe.

When we were baby proofing for our kiddos, we thought of the things most people do. Baby gates, electrical outlet covers, cabinet locks, pretty much everything we could think of. I wish we had found a resource like KidSafe, since they offer wonderful products that never entered my mind, like appliance locks, corner cushions, window guards, and so much more. They even have a blog about baby proofing your home and child safety. Boy, would that have helped a lot!

I truly believe a book on baby proofing or child safety supplies would make an excellent gift. These are things all new parents need, so I know I would have been thrilled to receive them as gifts. This is something I am definitely going to keep in mind.

What is your favorite child safety gadget? I am particularly impressed with retractable driveway guards, which I'd never seen before. I so would have loved one of those! I can't wait to hear about your favorites!


Country Mouse, City Mouse said...

I have no idea what driveway guards are, something I need to find out about! Gates have been my lifesaver.

Sally said...

Give a try it helps!!!!

Anonymous said...