Gauntlet by Richard Aaron

14 May 2009
If y'all read me regularly, you know I'm something of a book worm. I love to curl up with a great novel and have been reading like crazy the past few months. It's fun and helps me have something to do when my insomnia kicks up.

A wonderful new book I just finished is called Gauntlet by Richard Aaron. It has the whole spy, intrigue, international thriller thing going on. This is not the type of book I normally go for, but it sounded interesting. I am so glad I took the plunge and picked it up! The story was an intense thrill ride and was oh so hard to put down.

The story is about hijacked explosives, a group of madmen fixated on attacking the United States, and the CIA agent determined to stop him. Help comes in the form of an autistic computer genius who has devised a way to track the evil doers. The plot instantly draws you in, the characters soon feel like you've known them forever, and you are on the edge of your seat right until the end!

So, if you enjoy a good spy tale, I highly recommend Gauntlet. It is a fantastic read!

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