Coupons & Loyalty Card Savings

13 May 2009
I heard back from Brookshires today. They informed me that they do indeed accept IP coupons and also sent me a copy of their coupon policy. I was told to call customer service if I had any problems at the store. They get high marks for customer service in my books! Now, I just hope all goes smoothly.

I wish Brookshires had the coupons you can load onto your customer loyalty card like Kroger does. You can load coupons directly onto your Kroger card, then they are automatically deducted when you check out with the qualifying purchases. What I really love about this is that, at least at my closest store, you can use paper coupons out of inserts along with these loaded coupons to really rack up some savings! Check out P&GeSaver and to load coupons onto your rewards cards. Happy shopping!

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