Our Poor Garden!

08 May 2009
Our garden is not going so well. It is being over taken with weeds, due to neglect. The neglect is due to too many busy people forgetting to care for it. We are bad, I know!

This is not our first not so good garden.Before we moved here to Podunk, we had a beautiful garden full of fruits and vegetables. It was lovely and we couldn't wait to start harvesting yummy food. But, it got eaten. Yes, the whole garden was eaten by deer. It was so frustrating! Nothing we did to keep them away seemed to help. I wish I had know where to get deer repellants then. They aren't bad for you, your garden, or the animals. It sure would have helped!

So, now we have no deer but still have garden issues. I occasionally catch a bunny out there nibbling away.Between them and us, well it's not fairing too well. I am rather amazed that we are successfully growing as much as we are manging to. We are growing it with the neighbors and it has fallen prey to our neglect, bunnies, and all sorts of bugs. Yet, we still have vegetables growing and actually looking good. They are just surrounded by weeds. Working on the garden is what I plan to do this weekend. The men folk were supposed to be in charge, but that's not working out so far. So, it falls to us.


Sharon said...

The next time deer invade your garden, chase them away with human hair clippings. Sprinkled around the perimeters of your garden, the hair stops deer from munching on your veggies.....the human scent scares them away. Tried & true method used by gardeners here in The Sticks for years; it works, I promise. :) :) Stewie

Cher said...

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Veronica Lee said...

Happy Mother's Day!

Mommyof2girlz/StephD said...

Following from MBC Follow Me Club. Happy Mother's Day!