Ladies Who Lunch

04 June 2009
I spent the morning with my best gal pal Lynette. We visited and opened Mary's On The Square antique shop, where we are both vendors. It was fun to spend some girl time together. Afterwards, we went out to lunch together and had a great time. It was a nice distraction from the same old routine.

We've both been doing some baking and selling it at Mary's. It's so awesome to see people enjoying my baked goods. I've always wanted to open a little bakery and this is probably as close to that as I will ever get. I am really enjoying it and bringing in some extra money sure is nice!

I hope Lynette and I can manage to get some more quality girl time in during the summer. We are having to put more effort into now that he kiddos are home all the time. I sure miss our breakfasts out with the girls. I hope we don't all just lose track of each other for the next three months!

What do you and your gal pals do together? I'd love to hear what fun stuff everyone else gets into!


lynette355 said...

It was a great morning. I wish I could have eaten all of the brownies, muffins and cookies. And drank a gallon of diet coke too!

WELL You help me stay on track.

AudreyO said...

We meet for coffee, take a walk, have women study groups, meet for lunch or dinner. I have some awesome friends and I work hard at making time to get together with them when I can.