Let's Hit The Beach!

23 June 2009

Myrtle Beach, SC Spring Break 2007 33Image by Curtis and Eric via Flickr

Dan and the kids have never been to a beach. It is something we would love to do as a family. There are so many great beaches to choose from, how do you decide? Well, this mama wants to take a serious road trip and getaway to a Myrtle Beach Resort!

I've always wanted to explore Myrtle Beach. It's such a beautiful part of the country and there is so much to see and do there. We can play on the beach, stroll through cute shops, and eat great food. There are a number of great Myrtle Beach Resorts, right on the water, that offer so many great amenities that you could have a wonderful vacation without ever leaving the building!

Myrtle Beach offers a little bit of something for everyone! They have a full calendar of events that can keep the whole family entertained. The downtown area is thriving and looks like a great place to shop the day away. The farmers market looks like a great place to spend a fun filled afternoon. And of course there are plenty of Myrtle Beach Hotels to choose from. It sure seems like a great place to have a family vacation!

Have any of y'all ever been? I'd love to hear all about it!

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Samantha Gianulis said...

I've heard nothing but wonderful things from my Texas friends and family about Myrtle Beach. I'm in California, and I can tell you beach vacations are the BEST. Hope you make it, and have a wonderful, unforgettable time.