My Day ~ It's Been A Hot One!

09 July 2009
It has been one of those days when you are really busy, yet feel you have accomplished very little. I did manage to make a great batch of fudge and get it down to the little shop I sell it in. At least that was a positive thing.

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Then I had a lovely lunch with my dear friend Marge, she's 75 and one of my best friends. I could spend hours just talking to her. Our friend Kathy met us, and we had a great time. Kathy is in her 60s I believe, and is a great ppol player. They get together at the local pizza joint, drink tea, and shoot stick. My friends are so cool!

Then I came home to chores, ugh! I washed up the dishes, did some laundry, and just general straightening. I also started a pot of beans early this

Dirty DishesImage by Felix63 via Flickr

morning, so we'll have a good dinner. Now, I have sweat pouring off my back and want to take a nap. I think the heat just makes me lethargic.

What have you done today?

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1 comment:

Crazee Juls said...

Hannah Grace made and decorated sugar cookies.... Now...we're about to head out the door to pick Maeci up from my sister's (she baby sits for her during the week)... and then I'm coming home to watch the premier of Big Brother. :)

Too much sharing?!

Hope you have a great night...try to stay cool!