"Old Lady" Clothes

20 August 2009
That is exactly what most plus size fashions looked like when I was growing up! I've pretty much always been a larger girl and shopping for clothes that fit during my teen years was a nightmare! Everything had big, bold flowers or blocks of color. I used to joke that a lot of blouses were covered in wallpaper patterns. It was really tough trying to find stuff that was cute and fitting for a younger age group.

Simply Be Women’s Clothing Catalogues would have saved me back in the day. Well, if I lived in the UK they would have. Their website is full of absolutely adorable plus size fashions. There are no "old lady" dresses to be found there! They offer everything from jeans to the perfect outfit for going out on the town. Some of my favorite items on the site are the paisley dress, the Joe Brown Essential skirt, Joe Brown's Funky Coat, Joe Browns Check Shirt, and honestly way more stuff than I should list here. I would love to be able to order from these folks! You can find all sorts of truly cute clothes for plus size ladies.

So, am I the only one who has trouble finding cute, younger looking plus size clothing? Do any of you know where I should be shopping? For now I have to content myself with the fact that this stuff actually exists, I just need to find a way to buy it here.



lynette355 said...

i know i know
i hate ol lady clothes
and try so hard to stay away from prints because of that

Dian said...

I feel the same way about those "old lady" clothes. Good clothes are out there, it just takes work to find them.