Big Changes for WIC Families

04 September 2009

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You all know that I am a frugal mama. These days, everyone seems to be tightening their belts and trying to make the most budget friendly choices on everything from clothes to groceries. If you work at it, you can find a way to save on most things you spend money on.

WIC wants mothers to make the frugal decision to breastfeed their babies. By breastfeeding, you can save as much as $2000 yearly because of the price of formula. WIC has always encouraged breastfeeding, but it seems they are now really stepping up there efforts. They have created a new food package that provides nutritious foods for the breastfeeding mama, but does not provide baby formula. They are also now giving moms who do both breast and bottle or exclusively bottle feeding 13% less funding towards infant formula. With this change, families who at one time had all their formula provided by WIC may be having to buy additional cans of formula out of their own pocket. Formula costs an add up quite quickly, so this may come as a shock to many WIC families.

When talking about infant formulas it is important to remember that all formula has to meet the same stringent FDA guidelines. So, there is truly no nutritional difference between the value priced store brand and those popular brands put out by the big pharmaceutical companies. I did not know this and think it is information that all parents should be aware of. I know that some mothers simply cannot breastfeed for one reason or another, so this information can help them make an informed decision about choosing formula on a budget.

I am a huge fan of the WIC program. I do not know what I would have done without them when we had infants. I had so much trouble nursing and their lactation experts were so much help! I never did manage to nurse Tristen successfully and I think I might have been able to if I'd had their help like I did with Ashley. You can go to WIC with any questions or concerns about breastfeeding and get an informed answer. The program is a truly great resource for low income families.

So, what about you? did you do breast, bottle, or both. I'd love to here your thoughts on the subject.


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Connie Walsh said...

Thank you so much for mentioning that some moms cannot breast feed. I felt very guilty not being able to give my children "the best" start as the nurses kept telling me. I tried so hard that my youngest was admitted for dehydration.

I pumped those girls for 6 months (per kid) and now the kids are taller than me and nose to nose with papa.

lynette355 said...

yeppers i did too pump pump pump & CG is now 5'7"

TexasBobbi said...

I couldn't breastfeed because Ian was a disorganized sucker. The LC never once encouraged me to pump which now know what I knowing what I know I would have tried to do. I agree WIC is a great program.