The Runaround

08 February 2010
So, did you see The Who perform last night on the Superbowl? We are big Who fans around here, so we were beyond delighted to hear that the Superbowl Mashup medley they performed would be available to to download for play on Rockband. We immediately tried to download this awesome medley after the game and encountered an error code. The code sends you to Nintendo's website where you can look up error codes and discovered this was an issue with Wii Shop issue and it suggested waiting a few hours and trying again. That's exactly what we did, trying again this morning. It still wouldn't wortk, so we called Nintendo's customer service as the website suggested. The lady we talked to was nice but had to refer us to someone else to troubleshoot the problem. I was impressed that the "troubleshooter" called us back in less than 30 minutes. But, he determined this was not a Nintendo issue, but an EA Games issue and sent us off with their number. Guess what? EA says it's a Nintendo issue. We've spent the better part of two hours trying to get this straightened out. We spent $2 on a song that it says we've purchased, but won't actually download and play.

I feel like the kid going from parent to parent with the same question! Ugh! After pursuing the Rockband message boards, it seems we are not the only ones with this problem. But it also seems that everyone is getting a different explanation from SD card problems to credit card authorizations. I really think that since the error code implies this is a Wii Shop issue, that Nintendo needs to get it fixed and fast. Hopefully we will hunt down the right person to talk to and Won't Get Fooled Again!



Jayde said...

I hate it when they just transfer you all over the place. I had to deal with angry transferred customers all the time when I was a telemarketer. Depending on how busy we were, I'd often tranfer the person to the correct department and stay on the line with them until someone actually started helping. Good luck! On a side note, your 2 prints you won should be arriving any day now!

Unknown said...

Nothing like passing the buck. Who was the one that was paid the money? Nintendo or EA? Whoever it was needs to fix the problem. That's just not right!

TexasBobbi said...

I feel your pain.

jenjo3d said...

Wow, it almost sounds like you were talking to an insurance company I know. HAha, I hope thay get it fixed for you and by the way, your hair is very pretty!