Life Without Internet

16 February 2011
Wow, that six weeks or so without Internet was rough. I freely admit, I'm addicted. Is this a problem? Maybe. But, I missed you all like crazy!

I wish I could say I'd been up to something productive, but yeah... not so much. I did get some writing done. Oh and some reading! I've gotten lost in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series. How did I miss this until now. Just wow. *fans self*

Anyway, I'm back and look forward to talking to y'all again. You've been missed!



Anonymous said...

As have you my dear! We miss you like crazy all over the internet. *Hugs* said...

I was without internet for two days and I had to go to Best Buy and use their system just to check my email. LOL Glad you're back!

lynette355 said...

I miss you too....all the way from across the street. Get back on here and let me see some of that spunk you have!