Biscuits Anyone?

12 April 2011
A serving of biscuits and gravy, accompanied b...Image via WikipediaI have a wonderful friend from Australia who I very much enjoy talking to. Dan cracks up whenever we talk and thinks I should transcribe some of our conversations. Like the other day when we were talking about biscuits.

I love biscuits and gravy, especially sausage gravy. I could eat it for any meal, it's like the ultimate comfort food. Not long ago I was cooking exactly that for dinner while on the phone with M. "You're making what?" she asked me. "Biscuits and gravy," I replied. This led to great discussion about biscuits. I had no idea biscuits were not a universal thing. She explained what a "biscuit" is over there. I'm from Texas y'all, we have cookies, we have crackers, and we have biscuits. She asked me what we called a biscuit. How do you describe a biscuit? Listening to me try must have been amusing because Dan was laughing and shaking his head. I should have Googled it. I even tweeted a pic of of a sausage biscuit trying to make her understand.

So, I promised to share my favorite biscuit recipe with her and decided to share it here. When she shares her favorite "biscuit" recipe with me, I'll be sure to pass that along to y'all.

Southern Living's Buttermilk Biscuit
recipe is my favorite, although I use white flour rather than wheat. It makes prefect, fluffy biscuits every time.



Unknown said...

LOL! I LOVE biscuits but being a Northern girl I detest white gravy! This is a bad position for me because though I was born and raised in NY I NOW live in TEXAS! So folk here want to put gravy on EVERYTHING! But I have learned the hard way that when I go out I say NO GRAVY or ask for it on the side! smh!

WomenGrowingInChrist said...

Wish I could make these biscuits, but since I've messed up on Jiffy Cornbread twice, I'll pass this time. Pics make it awfully tempting, though...