Fall 2013 Bloggiesta

20 September 2013
Today I decided to do something about my Twitter which lead me to the daunting task of doing something about my blog. I was once so proud of my blogging, spending time writing and reading was a high point of my day. I'm not sure what happened along the way, life I suppose. Anyway, while hanging out on Twitter I saw a tweet about Bloggiesta and got all sorts of inspired. This was just the nudge I needed! Thank you Universe for the push! So, upon looking at what this place has become and frankly being quite disappointed with myself, I came up with a to do list. I'm not so sure how much I can cram into three days, but we shall see.

Bloggiesta To Do List:

  • Edit, edit, edit! Years ago I won a blog make over and used that template for ages. Upon logging on today I see my siggy has been removed from this person's Photobucket so I have all these posts with no signature. I need to start there with edits then move on to sidebar and page editing.
  • Schedule posts for the next month.
  • Decide if I'm truly happy with my lay out and do something about it if not.
  • Really think about the vision for my blog. when I started, life was in a very different place. Does the blog reflect that? If not, how can I change it? What do I want my focus to be?
  • Update my links. 
  • Complete at least 5 mini challenges. 
  • Blog hop to at least 10 other participating blogs. 
  • Encourage all the other participation by reading and commenting. 
There is so much to do and even more to think about. I am excited about participating in Bloggiesta! The great thing about the blogging community is how supportive and inspirational we all can be! 


Jessica @ Books: A true story said...

So cool that you found bloggiesta today! This is one of my favorite blog events :) Hope you get all your posts scheduled and finish lots on your list.

Sweetest Ambrosia said...

I didn't know a siggie could be connected to another person's photobucket. But change is good. Do you have a banner? I can't see yours. :O

Your blog template/layout design can reflect the changes in your life & outlook. :)

Great list! Good luck with your bloggiesta weekend. :)

Rebecca @ Love at First Book said...

Good luck. It sounds like you have a lot to think about and work out, but this is a great time to do that!

If you haven't already, stop by and enter my Bloggiesta Challenge Giveaway, which you can totally enter even if you don't complete the challenge!

-Rebecca @ Love at First Book