So much for good intentions

27 January 2014
English: Everything starts from needs or desir...
English: Everything starts from needs or desires that become goals. In order to achieve their goals people frame intentions that lead to actions. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I started off the new year with a bang! I was determined to stay organized and on task, accomplish every goal I made for myself. Yeah, I've already screwed that up. I lose my list, can't find my pocket planner, and am distracted by anything shiny. None of this is leading to reaching my goals. Why? Because I suck at will power and self control. That an I am so blah as of late. Yep, blah. I go to work and all I really want when I get home is sleep. It's difficult to be productive while snoozing. All I can do is start fresh each new day, right? It beats throwing my hands up and laying down in defeat. 

What about you, how are your resolutions coming? Have you reached any of your goals yet? 

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