02 January 2014
I got a bad feeling about this (iii)
I got a bad feeling about this (iii) (Photo credit: Kalexanderson)
Life throws curve balls. Lately, I've been trying to look at these as chances for growth, new adventures, anything other than negative. At times doing so is really hard. No one said life was easy, right?

It really hit home on my birthday last week. This was not how 35 was suppose to look. I had a few very difficult moments, wallowing I guess. Things are just so different than I thought they'd be even five years ago. But, it's an adventure, right? Chin up and all that jazz. Luckily some very dear gal pals and one voice from the past helped me pull out of it. I was told I was the standard someone held all other women to. You seriously cannot be down on yourself after hearing a comment like that.

But, tonight I'm struggling. I'm uncertain of my future and t scares the hell out of me. You are suppose to set goals, have dreams. But, just when I thought I had it all figured out, something happens. Doubt and fear creeps in. I over think. Apparently this leads to me blogging in tears. How do you figure out what you are suppose to do with your life? I have a plan, one I thought was the right path to take. Do you ever really know? I KNOW what I want. Does that make me nuts. Am I babbling nonsensically? The answer tot he last question is probably.

I guess my question is a two parter. One, how do you handle it when doubt creeps in? Two, have you ever just KNOWN to the depths of your soul what you should do?

P.S. I love that this app suggested a Storm Trooper pic. How could I not use it. It actually made me think my just knowing is right on target. Yes, I'm a weird Star Wars nerd.

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