Fall Food Cravings

24 October 2008

photo by VirtualErn

I am having a serious craving today. The idea of a nice, toasted piece of Collin Street Bakery Deluxe Fruitcake just has my mouth watering. I love it buttered, with real butter of course, and popped under the broiler until lightly toasted. It is the perfect partner to a good cup of coffee. But, I'm not picky, I love this fruitcake even cold from the fridge. Or with whipped cream. With a glass of milk. In a box with a fox. Anyway, it's just good! And my love affair with it is strange because I do not enjoy traditional homemade fruitcakes, but I love Collin Street Bakery's. To me they are so much better than what grandma made. If you've never had one I highly suggest you give yourself one for Christmas. You'll be glad you did!

I guess the cooler weather has me craving this. To me it goes with the holiday season that is rapidly approaching. I am craving pumpkin as well. And am oh so eager to fill my house with the wonderful scents of baked goods. Baking during this time of year is one of my favorite things.

What about you, are there certain foods you crave during different seasons? I know Christine of at The Power of Housewife Word of Mouth has a thing for pumpkin pie blizzards. What is your favorite fall food? Your favorite holiday food?

Man, I'm hungry! I want some coffee and cake!


Jennie said...

gosh, that pic looks good... making me hungry... I love all the traditonal food, turkey, grandma stuffing, pecan pie, cranberries from the can that still have the shape of the can..... soooo good!

lynette355 said...

Well, I am glad you came over today. So we could share in coffee and pumpkin cheese cake muffins. Of course the chocolate hazelnut biscotti was good for dunking too. I love having coffee with you in the mornings. It starts my day off right. And your welcome to bake all you wish in my oven. Help yourself like it is a second home. Because that is the way we feel!
Your friend, neighbor and partner in crime.

Unknown said...

Wow, Thanks for the great shout out! I am completely tickled! Your craving looks heavenly and anything with real butter can't be bad for you, right?

The Power of Housewife Word of

Bekah said...

any time it is even a little bit cold i crave soup..any soup. I made a big ol pot of chicken tortilla soup last night, it was perfect!

Unknown said...

Just found your blog today and had to come see a fellow Texan housewife's blog.

My husband and I love Collins Street Bakery. We live in West Texas and stop by there on our way to Tennessee at Christmas.

Keep up the good work with the blog and I will definitely be bookmarking it.

The Frugal Housewife