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20 April 2009

This week, the

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is introducing

Reluctant Cowgirl

Barbour Publishing (April 2009)


Christine Lynxwiler


Chrisitine lives with her husband and two precious daughters in the foothills of the beautiful Ozark Mountains in her home state of Arkansas. Her greatest earthly joy is her family and, aside from doing God’s will, spending time with them is her top priority.

She recently took a break from writing romance to pen a Christmas story with a twist. Her Mom Lit novella, My True Love Gave to Me, is part of a 2 in 1 anthology from Barbour entitled All Jingled Out. It’s also included in Simply Christmas, a 4 in 1 Barbour anthology. One of my holiday highlights was seeing Simply Christmas at Sam’s Club a few weeks before Christmas.

She has written two other novellas, both romance, which are included in Barbour anthologies, City Dreams, and Prairie County Fair and a serial for the Heartsong Presents book club newsletter – The Carousel Horse. The Carousel Horse can be read in its entirety on the Heartsong website, and you can read excerpts from all of her other books on her website, HERE

In 2003, Christine was honored by being voted #2 Favorite New Author by the Heartsong Presents Book Club members!


Actress Crytal McCord gave up the closeness of her big family in order to make a name for herself on the New York City stage. But when life in the Big Apple turns sour, she follows a country road back to her parents Arkansas ranch.

The last thing she expects to find in cowboy country is a new leading man. Still, she can't help but imagine handsome rancher Jeremy Buchanan in the role.

Unfortunately, Jeremy's been burned by Crystal's type before. Or has he? Every time he thinks he knows her, the multi-faceted woman surprises him. Will the reluctant pair allow their hearts to guide them, or will their common stubborn pride keep them miles apart?

If you would like to read the first chapter of Reluctant Cowgirl, go HERE

My Review: I have to admit that I am not usually that much of a romance fan, but this book grabbed me and I tore through it in one night. The characters are beautifully written, the story is wonderful, and I am now a Chrisitne Lynxwiler fan. My favorite part of this book is the wonderful family the main character comes from. She has a wonderful bond with her parents and siblings. The family had me wishing they would adopt me! I highly recommend this heart warming novel and am eagerly anticipating reading more from this very talented author!

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Christine Lynxwiler said...

You made my day, Vanessa!! Thank you for liking The Reluctant Cowgirl and the McCord family. I'm loving getting to know them even better as I write Cowgirl at Heart (Elyse's story.) It's amazing how attached we get to characters. Thanks again for blogging about the book and saying such sweet things! :) I love your blog.