Windy With a Chance of Damage

10 April 2009
I don't know what the weather in your neck of the woods had been like lately, but here in Texas then wind has been blowing like crazy! When we lived in Lubbock I was accustomed to the wind sweeping down the plains, but here in Podunk the wind is generally very mild. For the past couple of weeks, it has been incredibly gusty and those gusts have wreaked havoc across the area.

Last night when DH came home the whole town was engulfed in a huge cloud of smoke. The winds were helping drive wild fires. There were over five within one hundred miles of our little town. It was so windy that the helicopters they use to transport water could not fly. It was scary! I am so scared of fire. The conditions lately are perfect for raging blazes, as we are in drought conditions and the wind is not helping matters at all.

The wind had also caused quite a bit of damage in town. Traffic was held up for quite awhile downtown last week, as a building's rough was in the middle of an intersection. Our across the street neighbors lost part of their roof in the wind recently as well. If it keeps up like this we will all be needing the services of folks like this Austin Roofer. Our roof is not in great shape to begin with, so I'm hoping it will survive these wicked winds. If not, we'll have to find someone like this who is currently offering a free roof inspection and estimate. They do great work according to the testimonials on their site. If the winds are giving your roof problems in the Austin area, click on over and check them out.

Today is still breezy, but cool here. Cool is a welcome change as we hit 90 here yesterday. It's going to be hot this summer I think. How's the weather your way?


Unknown said...

Wow 90 degree weather, I am not asking for that but I am really tired of the cold weather. It is 47 degrees here and windy. It was raining earlier this morning but it was snowing earlier this week. Last week we had some high 60s, which it is supposed to be in the 60s for Easter. Yeah!!

Good luck with the fires, hope they get them out soon.

lynette355 said...

breezy always on our lil hill across from ya so get use to it

Crazee Juls said...

...the wind blew 60 plus mph here yesterday. :) Crazeeness!

Betty said...

90 degrees! Yikes! I'm in NM and the weather changes from one sec to another out here.