Gifted and Talented, Help!

01 May 2009
Ashley has been nominated for her school's GT program. I have to fill out a zillion page survey outlining her brilliance. Then she has to submit a portfolio. A portfolio?! I think my kid is gifted and creative, not me! It is supposed to demonstrate her wonderfulness. What the heck? The kid reads at a high school level, is unbelievable creative in the way she thinks, and is in my mind years above her actual age, but what am I supposed to put in a portfolio? I am so panicked about this! It has to be turned in by the 6th. I do not know what to do!

Do any of y'all have ideas? If you've been through this before, can you give my an idea as to what to include? I will be forever grateful!


Unknown said...

Since I run the program at my girls school hopefully I can help you through a bit of it. Remember you are your daughter's biggest cheerleader, If ever there was a time to brag about what a great child she is ....than this is it. Don't be stressed just brainstorm on a notepad things you find impressive in Ashley that you do not see in other children. Part of the portfolio can be observations as well as drawings, creative stories, and pictures showing thing she has made.

For example when I filled out all the work for Rebecca I included a detailed drawing. I wrote how she had taught her older sister multiplication, and I included a short story that she dicated to me.

If you need more help Nessa, just email me and I will talk you through it.

Kathy said...

Does her teacher have work samples you can use?
Good luck!