Frugal Family Fun ~ MYO Finger Paint

17 July 2009

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Do you have artistic kids? I sure do! They love to build, create, and express themselves. This simple recipe keeps us in finger paint any time inspiration strikes my little Picassos.

1 cup Water
1 cup Flour
1 cup dish soap or hand soap - obviously the lighter the color the better

Mix these three ingredients together until smooth. Separate the mixture into smaller containers, depending on how many colors you are making. Then just mix in food coloring until desired color is reached. Small sour cream containers or other small plastic tubs with lids are perfect for storing the paint, pretty much anything with a tight fitting lid will work. Store in the refrigerator when not in use.

Often times you can buy newsprint end rolls from the local newspaper for very little. You can get quite a lot of paper for a little of nothing. These endrolls are wonderful for your little one's art projects!

I hope you have fun with these paints. Spending time with the kids and getting a little messy is something we should all make time to do more often.

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