Texas Kroger Super Doubles Tomorrow

14 August 2009

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Tomorrow only, Texas Kroger stores are having super doubles! This means coupons from .40 to $1 will be doubled! All coupons .39 & less will be tripled like normal! There are some good deals to be had with this sale!

I started to list them all, but I found this amazing spreadsheet put together by the super fabulous folks over at HotCouponWorld.com. So, check out the spreadsheet, get your coupons & list ready to go, then go thanks the fabulous gang over at HCW.

Happy shopping y'all!

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TexasBobbi said...

Wow, that is awesome.

JANE4girls said...

I am so excited about this deal! I have my coffee and coupons ready...in that order

lynette355 said...

ok woke up
made coffee
robbed a bank
ready to go shopping?

oops I was not suppose to mention the bank part huh?

well going to visit the police for a bit then. . . well shopping is out for the day I think?

Theta Mom said...

We don't have Kroger stores, but I remember seeing them in the south.