The Vacation of of Lifetime

13 August 2012
No, it wasn't my vacation, but that of someone very dear to my heart. Kenzie of Humming Bee Vintage recently visited Ireland and is documenting the trip on her blog. Kenzie is an amazing photographer, always has been. I've thoroughly enjoyed reading about her trip and looking at the amazing images she captured. Go check it out, you will wish you were there, I did anyway.

The chronicles of her Ireland adventure is not the only reason to visit Humming Bee Vintage. Kenzie is a remarkable young woman with many talents. She has a beautiful way with words, is a gifted photographer, and is amazingly creative. She shares awesome how to posts, things she loves, and so much. She also has an Etsy shop that is full of beautiful things. I wish I had a fraction of her creativity and talent.

I've always thought of Kenzie as an "old soul", even as a child she was wise beyond her years. Go check out her blog and you'll see what I mean. I am blessed to have this vibrant young woman in my life. Kenzie, you inspire me in so many ways.



Midnight Cowgirl said...

I'd love to visit Ireland! Sigh.

Silent Horse said...

Cool Kenzie. Ireland is awesome