11 January 2014
Intertitle from the A&E television program The...
Intertitle from the A&E television program The Glades (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I have nothing interesting to say today. Today was spent lazy and knocked out because of severe oral pain. Netflix was my friend. My weekends are dull more often than not. Heck, I'm dull most of the time. I have an actual good post forming in my head, but it's not quite done formulating yet, so you get this boring one.

I hope y'all have a more exciting weekend than me! The rest of mine will likely consist of more watching of The Glades and hopefully a more interesting post tomorrow.

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Unknown said...

I love The Glades! I hate that they cancelled it! Especially with the HUGE cliff hanger! UGH!

Hope you feel better! I found 500mg of Acetaminaphen and 500mg of Aspirin helps a lot - usually found in OTC migraine meds. But then, I found a double of Crown and Coke works wonders, too. ;)