Where Did It Go?

08 May 2009
It seems as though the week has just flown by. The closer it gets to the end of school, the faster times seems to be moving. Life around here is all go, go, go these days!

I have been crazy busy all week, yet feel I have accomplished very little. I hate that feeling! I am surrounded by a bunch of projects that are half done. My goal for today is to start nothing new until I have completed the first tasks. For instance, I plan to thoroughly clean or room today. I will not wander off into another room and start doing things in there until our bedroom is finished. I am just awful about this! When it comes to most things I focus very well, but when it comes to house work, I am incredibly scatter brained.

I have managed to keep up my exercise routines this week, so I am super proud of myself. I also have completely changed the way the whole family is eating and I feel so good about it! Dan is loving it, which thrills me as I figured he'd feel deprived. So far, so good with that.

As for the weekend, no real plans here. We are dull people. What do y'all have going on this weekend? Have a great one!


Unknown said...

This weekend I plan on being a cleaning fool getting my apt ready for my sister to come for a few days!Then I'm off to Tulsa to see Joyce Meyer!

Crazee Juls said...

the girls and I will be cleaning...and I'm doing my sister's hair/makeup for the prom. Good times.

Donna@www.bethanybeachboutique.blogspot.com said...

Happy Mother's Day!
Wish I could say I was going to be relaxing all weekend but that's not the case...lol.