A Good Night's Sleep

28 February 2009
There is nothing like a good night's sleep. I know because I've been having very few of those lately. I'm sure part of this is because we really need to replace our mattress. A quality mattress is so important for sleeping well. Finding the right one is sometimes confusing, so you need to go to a company that will take the time to help you find just the right mattress for you. Since a good mattress is often quite an investment, it is important that you get something you are happy with. We've spent quite a bit of time looking for a new mattress and it's hard to know which to choose. I so appreciate a company that goes above and beyond in helping you find the right product. That's exactly what these Charlotte mattress folks do. I am sure they can find the perfect mattress for just about anyone!

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These Kids Need An Angel

27 February 2009
A couple that I know is going through a divorce, with four sweet babies in the middle. It has been dragging on for months, getting meaner and dirtier all the time. It makes me so sad because I'm truly beginning to think that neither parent is thinking at all about the kids and what's best for them. What they want seems to be the priority. He doesn't want her to have them, and she doesn't want him to have them. Throw in a few grandparents, small town politics, and a friend of mom's who has basically moved in with dad, and you've got a real life soap opera. I've worried and prayed, had nightmares, been so stressed about this situation...and I don't even know these folks very well. But, I know the kids better than their parents and I care deeply for them. The deserve so much better than this. All these people fighting over what is best for the children supposedly, but the truth of the matter is they are all thinking solely of themselves.
These kids need a voice! I even looked into CASA, but that is for neglected, abused foster kids the best I can tell. I just pray that the judge involved can sort out what is truly best for the children and get this whole ordeal over with soon. My own opinion is a sad one, as in my mind neither parent offers the stable, loving, the "kids are the number one priority" type of environment they deserve. I wonder how often kids in these type of situations are used as weapons to hurt the spouses, pawns in a sad game, and fall through the cracks? It's such a shame.

So, please keep A., T., P., and P. in your prayers. These precious babies need all the prayer warriors they can get!

Stephenville Shopping Trip ~ HEB and Piggly Wiggly GDA

25 February 2009
Boy did we stumble upon a great deal in Stephenville today! The Piggly Wiggly there had whole pork loin on sale for $1.59/lb. We bought one and had the butcher cut it into 1/2 inch thick chops. We got 35 chops at a cost of .44 each. I was thrilled! I also picked up a very lovely 12lb. ham for $10. It felt great to be able to do a little stocking up in the meat department, since this is where most of our grocery money goes to.

I also picked up some Ken's Steakhouse Salad dressing for .99 a bottle and the Ken's brand spray on Lite Accents dressing for .39 a bottle at HEB. Not bad! I love coupons!

What are some great deals you've found recently?

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Skin MD Review

24 February 2009
I was recently given the opportunity to try Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion + Sunscreen SPF 15. I was very eager to try this lotion, as I have extremely dry skin during the winter months. A good lotion with added sunscreen sounded like a fantastic product to me. And indeed it was!

I had never used any Skin MD product before, so I was thrilled to discover that it moisturises without leaving your hands greasy. I actually avoid putting lotion on my hands very often because I dislike that greasy feeling so much! This lotion is quickly absorbed into your skin, so you do not have greasy or slimy hands. I also liked that it is not heavily scented like many lotions are. I used the product on my hands, body, and face, and was quite pleased with it. I especially liked it as a light facial moisturizer plus sunscreen, something that is so important these days.

So, if you are looking for a great lotion that protects from the sun, as well as moisturizes, check out Skin MD Natural Shielding Lotion + Sunscreen SPF 15. It's a great product for those of us who need to use lotion, but avoid that yucky, lotion grease feel!

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How Sweet It Is Too Be Loved By Nanny!

23 February 2009

These are the super adorable candy bouquets my Mom in law made for the kiddies. Aren't they the cutest thing you've ever seen?

Ever since I saw them, this song has been stuck in my head!

Happy Monday y'all!

Kitchen Cleaning Frenzy

18 February 2009
***photo by aplumb***

Yesterday I went on a kitchen cleaning frenzy. My pal Lenore came over, armed with cleaning supplies, and we worked our tushies off scrubbing down my kitchen. It's so nice to have friends! My last project was my fridge, which I'd cleaned out last week, but had gotten a strange odor. I pulled everything out, scrubbed it down on the inside then pulled out the shelves and went after them. It was after the shelves were all clean and dry that it happened. I picked up the glass shelf that sits on top of the crisper drawer and it exploded, shattering into a zillion little pieces! Silly me, just started scooping up the broken shards. I assumed since it was safety glass that it wouldn't hurt me. Ask me what my fingers look like today. Anyway, now I'm out a whole shelf's worth of space and have what feels like hundreds of little paper cuts all over my fingers.

***photo "Shattered" by Roger Smith***

I swear sometimes my foolishness amazes me. Broken glass cuts you? Who knew?

So now I'm calling everyone I know to see if they have an old fridge I can steal a shelf out of. With the wacky measurement of 23x13, I'm not holding my breath.

Have you ever done something really idiotic, like scooping up broken glass with your bare hands? Or am I the only nutty mom out there?

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Recipes From My Favorite Italian Place

17 February 2009

***photo by _moonpie***

I get soooo many emails about the recipes on this blog from a certain country Italian restaurant. I try to hunt down as many recipes as I can that readers request. I've recently been given two more recipes, Bowtie Festival and Roasted Garlic Potato Soup. You can find them over at my Homemakin' Blog. Happy cooking!

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Kitchen Woes

***photo by quinn.anya***

Oh how I wish I had a dishwasher! We were going to get one this month, when we redid the kitchen, but the van got it's transmission rebuilt instead. So my kitchen is still a wreck. I seriously hate being in there. The only wall that is even painted is the new wall Dan built in there. I think since I'm being forced to wait on new cabinets and stuff, that the kitchen must be a t least painted. And soon! It's so depressing!

We've gone back and forth on this; Dan wanting to not bother until we can afford a complete kitchen redo, but then he's hardly ever in there. He tore the existing ceiling covering out, which makes me nuts! I really want to look at something other than the icky, dusty, 100 year old boards that barely separates the kitchen from the attic. Plus, there is a hole in the ceiling from when he fell through from the attic. It soooooooo bothers me!

I am going to paint this kitchen, even if I have to do all the painting myself! The big problem for months has been choosing a color. Some days I like red, others blue, sometimes yellow, I could go on and on. So, what do your kitchens look like? Any great advice for me? I want to keep a country cottage feel to it.

Busy Day, Even If It Doesn't Look Like It!

16 February 2009

***Frazzled by karindalziel***

This is me today. I feel like I've worked my tushy off all day and accomplished nothing! I hate days like that! I have got to snap out of it and have a better day tomorrow!

On the up side, we are having an awesome smelling Apple Dijon Pork Roast that I can't wait to try! I found it over at one of my favorite sites -

It's a great blog and you should check it out! She was recently blessed with quite a prize, a year's worth of groceries from Wal Mart! They also set her up with two $25 gift cards to give away! Click on over and enter for your chance to win!
I'll let y'all know how the pork roast turned out tomorrow!

Gentlemen, Start Your Engines!

15 February 2009
***This awesome photo is by JohnThomson***

It's one of my favorite days of the year, the day of the Daytona 500. But, seeing as how we do not have satellite or antenna television service, this fan is going to miss it! The Daytona 500 start time is in a little less than half an hour and I'm already bummed. Currently, I'm scouring the Internet looking for a way to catch at least part of it online. I am not sure if I'll find anything or not. But, I'll be quietly cheering for my favorite drivers and checking for updates often online. I can't wait to hear how this race plays out! This is much more my thing than that football game the other day!

How about you? Do you like Nascar?

I Need To Lose Some Pounds

13 February 2009
My grandmother and I have recently been talking about whether or not I should start using diet pills in an effort to lose weight. She seems to think it's a great idea, but I was initially on the fence about it. I have researched several varieties and am currently leaning toward Clinicallix. It appeals to me because of the way it's three compounds work together. One expands in your stomach, filling it with soluble fiber to suppress your appetite. The next compound helps you to feel full for a longer period of time. The third compound increases fat burning, boost your serotonin, and lowers your cholesterol. I really like this idea! Plus, you get a huge bottle of 300 pills, so it is affordable. I really think that if I do decide to go ahead and try diet pills, Clinicallix will be the first one I try. Everything I've read about it sounds terrific! If diet pills are something you've been interested in, you might want to check it out!

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Be Centsable: Five Important Coupon Rules

The economy is not showing signs of getting better anytime soon. From what I've seen in the media, more and more folks are turning to coupons to help feed their families for less. Here is a feature ABC News did on coupon parties. With more people starting to shop with coupons, I thought I'd post five rules that will help any "coupon newbie" get started.

  • Get organized! Find a system for organizing your coupons that works for you. The more organized you are, the easier it is to find what you want and match coupons to sales ads. It sure beats digging through an envelope in your purse. There are all sorts of styles of coupon organizers: the simple file, a binder, a file box, the Couponizer, I've even heard of people using briefcases! It might take a few tries before you find the perfect system, it did for me.

  • Think out of the box about where you shop. I had always thought CVS was expensive, until I figured out the Extra Care program. The same thing with Kroger, until I figured out how to use double and triple coupons to my advantage. So, rethink stores you might think are too expensive and explore others you don't shop at much. Don't forget about dollar stores as well; they are often a great place to find deals with coupons. Check out the coupon policies of all your local stores, you might be surprised at where you find the best bargains!

  • Free is a good thing! I was amazed at how much I could get for free at grocery and drug stores when using coupons. I honestly get every free item I can with my coupons. No I am not greedy, but a food pantry, women's shelter, etc. can always use what your family won't. Not only can full size products often be had for free, so can trial or travel size products. It took me awhile to learn that as long as a coupon states that it is good on any size or does not have a trial size exclusion, you can use it on the small ones. I often times buy small laundry detergent, body wash, shampoo, etc... this way. Why not adopt a soldier, then send them a care package stuffed full of these items? You will be making their day and only be out the postage!

  • Start a stockpile. This is the biggest key to seeing big time saving on your grocery and HBA expenses. Your will probably start small, but will grow as you find great deals. My first big stock up deals were laundry detergent at less than .50 a bottle and .25 boxes of cereal. As your stockpile grows, you will see savings at the grocery store. It just takes a little time.

  • This is the most important coupon rule! Never , ever buy a product just because you have a coupon for it. That is not how you see savings! Combining coupons with sales is where you start to see savings.

All you have to do is be centsable and you can see some great savings with coupons! I am always glad to help anyone with coupon questions of all kinds, questions about CVS, stockpiling, anything at all to help my readers along the road to saving money. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions at all!

Below are some of my previous posts that have discussed how to really get started with using coupons. I hope you find them helpful! And again, feel free to email me if I can help you in any way!

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      Weird News Alert: Ever Heard of Lee Redmond?

      No? Me either. That is until today when a headline about "Woman's 28ft Fingernails Broken In Crash". I read that and was like "what?". It seems Ms. Redmond has fingernails measuring a total of 28 feet long, long enough to get into the Guinness Book of World Records. At least she had them until she was ejected from her SUV in a car accident, injuring her and breaking her record breaking talons. All I have to say is eww! Why oh why would a person do this?

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      Nadya Suleman Family Website - Mom of 14 is Asking for Doations Online!

      11 February 2009
      I've waited for awhile to comment on the California Octuplets, but after seeing this I decided to share my opinion.

      Their mother, Nadya Suleman, has set up a website asking for donations for her children. This makes me so upset! She has said in an interview that she is not on welfare, yet she is receiving food stamps. In my mind, food stamps are welfare. She has no income, is in debt, supposedly disabled, lives with her parents, and already has six children, some of whom have special needs. How in the world is she going to raise 14 kids in those conditions? Especially considering that her parents, or at least her mother, are not being very supportive - at least that what I've read in numerous places.Don't even get me started on the fact that she's brought 14 children into the world who have no father! She choose to have these babies implanted, to bring children into the world, knowing she had no way to support them. I do not think the people of California should have to foot the bill. I also do not believe that people and companies should be expected to donate things to a woman who used such poor judgement. I sure won't be clicking that donate button!

      I can only hope that the state of California is looking into the welfare of these 14 precious children, this woman's mental state and ability to parent, as well as the doctor who not only implanted so many embryos, but didn't talk her out of even trying to have single births so close together. She had a lot of babies in a very short period of time and that's just not healthy! My feelings are that someone has a lot of explaining to do, but I don't know how anyone could justify letting this happen. I understand that as an adult she can make her own choices, but surely there is a point at which someone steps in and brings to your attention how reckless and foolish your actions are.

      The only good thing to be said about the Nadya Suleman Family website is that it does feature some nice pics of the babies. I could look at babies all day long! I was surprised that these eight little darlings are as big as they are and seem to be doing quite well. So, I clicked over, oohed and awed over the little ones, then clicked off the page. I have a sneaky suspicion that Ms. Suleman will not see the results she was hoping for from her website.

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      How Not to Behave - Stephen Fowler on Wife Swap

      I'll admit it, watching Wife Swap is I guess what you could call one of my guilty pleasures. It is generally pretty entertaining, at least I think so. We do not have television, so I can only catch it over at Lenore's or online. I do enjoy what are typically polar opposite pairings of families.

      Have y'all seen this Fowler Family episode? I've never seen a husband on this show behave so badly! He should be so ashamed of himself! If my hubby behaved this way on national television, I'd be horrified! What a way to behave in front of your children! I have to wonder if this man worries about teaching his children things like morals and kindness, how to truly be a good person. No, let's just teach them how to mock others instead. I am so upset that an adult would treat another person this way. Making fun of someone who is less educated than you,; what are you 6 years old?! Shame on you Mr. Fowler!

      Check out this video to see what I mean.

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      Mad, Mad, Mad!

      10 February 2009
      Our van's transmission went out on Christmas Eve while Dan was driving to work. We had to borrow a vehicle until we got our income tax return and could afford to fix it. We got estimates from several shops, then chose the one Dan felt more comfortable with. It wasn't even the lowest price one, but the one that offered the best warranty on their work. Dan picked the van up on Friday, payed a very large amount of money, and was told the lady who runs the office was sick so they couldn't give him an invoice or even tell him for sure how much the bill was. Now, we had told these people that we could spend X amount of money, but absolutely no more. If what we needed done was going to push us over that amount, they were to call us. They were to rebuild the transmission, replace the spark plugs and plug wires, replace the thermostat, and service both the front and back brakes. Well, today we find out they want $400 more and that does not include the back brakes because they haven't done them yet! What????? I am so mad, I could spit nails! They told Dan that they knew doing the front brakes would put us "a little" over what we could afford, but they were metal on metal and had to be done. How odd, a competitor had quoted us half that price for both front and back brakes to be done! I am mad, mad, mad! Dan is going to pick up the itemized bill after work.

      My question is, do we have to pay them this additional amount? We've paid all but this, and they couldn't be bother to give us the final bill when we asked for it. $400 may be "a little" to them, but it's a heck of a lot to us! It's more than half a paycheck! They told us they would not go over that amount without calling us and discussing it first! I am so mad that I'm in tears! I just don't know what to do! Why can't people keep their word!

      My apologies for this long, rambling rant.

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      Our Poor Mailbox

      I really want a new mailbox. Look at that thing! Can you blame me? Our is the same one my great great aunt and uncle used when they lived here. It's old and weathered, but not in a good way. I want something a little more us, if you know what I mean. Not only do I want something that has a little more curb appeal, I also want something that keeps my mail safe. Identity theft is a real problem these days, one I'd like to avoid if at all possible. So, I started the hunt for the perfect mailbox.

      These awesome mailboxes seem to the answer! They have unique designs, anti theft styles, even multiple unit boxes. There are street mounts as well as wall mounts to choose from. The selection of mailboxes is great, you are sure to find just what you are looking for!

      I found the one I want for us. I love the Streetscape Acid-Washed Brass style. They are so colorful, funky, and fun! It sure beats the boring, gray disaster sitting out there now. But, that's just me. There are more traditional mailboxes to choose from as well. Click on over and check out these great mailboxes!

      Here Kitty, Kitty

      I had an email asking me about the new litter box, so I thought I'd post an update. Things are going well so far. Both cats have adjusted well to the change, so I am happy. I haven't found any accidents anywhere and they are leaving the plants alone, which is something I was concerned about. As I had hoped, the dogs are now leaving the littler box alone. They had started backing off the litter box raids after I switched to Feline Pine litter, but are now completely leaving it alone.

      And to answer another question, the litter I use is Feline Pine. It comes in these compact pellet looking things that break down as the cat uses it's litter box. A small bag lasts us a month, is costing us less than the clumping litter I was buying, and doesn't bother my allergies like some litters tend to. The smell is a fresh pine sent, it's easy to scoop, and the cats seem to like it. The only draw back is the "saw dust" the cats tend to kick up, but that's no different than them scattering regular litter all over. Thank goodness the new box keeps everything contained.

      So, this box seems to have worked well for our needs. I am very happy! Solving a problem and saving money while doing it rocks!

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      Laundry, The Frugal Way

      09 February 2009
      I am beginning to think it is not possible to have dirty laundry lurking somewhere in a hamper. Just when I think I'm caught up, I find more! It's a never ending, vicious cycle! Ugh!

      Since I spend so much time doing it, I've been trying to find ways to make taking care of the laundry a little more frugal. I already wash everything in cold water, but that's just a start.

      First, I noticed a huge increase in our electric bill once I started using the dryer again. Some days it is not possible to hang out clothes, so the dryer is my friend. But, I hate paying high electricity bills. I have found two ways to get more bang for my buck here. One, throw a nice big, fluffy towel - a dry one - in with every dryer load. It really does help things dry more quickly. The other is to figure out how long it actually takes a load of clothes to dry. I've found that I can completely dry two loads of laundry in the time my dryer considers a complete cycle. Since the laundry room is outside, I start a load then set a timer here in the house. I cannot believe I was using energy to continue heating already dry clothes! I'm glad I figured this out and stopped wasting energy as well as time!

      I've already shared one frugal fabric softener tip with you, but here are a few more I've discovered. Rhonda over at A Home With A Smile has a recipe for turning hair conditioner into fabric softener. I've pretty much always got a stash of free shampoo and conditioner laying around (thank you CVS!) so this was a good find for me. I was very pleased with the results.

      As for stain pretreaters, I've started using good old dish soap. It works great on food and greasy stains. Here is another homemade spray and wash type stain remover I've used and liked -

      1/2 cup ammonia

      1/2 cup white vinegar

      1/4 cup baking soda

      2 tbsp. liquid soap

      2 quarts water

      Mix all ingredients in a spray bottle. Use as you would any spray stain remover.

      As for laundry soap and detergent, I have not tried to make my own yet. I normally buy all my detergent with ECBs at CVS or at Kroger with coupons when it's on sale for a great price. I do use about half the amount that the measure shows, and our clothes are still nice and clean. I always use water to rinse out the last little bits of liquid detergent; I usually get another two loads of laundry this way.

      As for keeping things smelling fresh, I use vinegar and baking soda. They have so many uses and are extremely budget friendly!

      Every little bit helps when it comes to saving money. What are your frugal laundry tips?

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      Music Monday ~ Love Will Keep Us Alive

      I've noticed lots of people doing Music Monday posts and thought I'd like to do so as well. I truly love music! Anyway, since Valentine's Day is almost here, I thought I'd do a love song for Music Monday. So, for the one I love, here ya go.

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      What A Zoo!

      05 February 2009
      This is where we spent the day at today! The kids had no idea we were going until we drove into the parking lot. I suppose they thought we were just dragging them on a boring, out of town shopping trip or something. Ashley had never been to a zoo, so this was especially awesome for her! A great time was had by all, but now I'm a tired mama. I'll post pics and all about the fun we had tomorrow.

      Thanks to Lenore for being on pet duty while we were gone. I hope all the babies behaved for you.

      Good night y'all!

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      Binoculars, We Really Need You!

      Dan really needs a new set of binoculars. I figured this out when we were without a decent set at the Eagles concert and the band sort of resembled little specks in suits. After doing a little research, I found that steiner binoculars are one of the best brands around. They seem to be high quality, durable, well made binoculars made by a company that has been around for awhile. I was very pleased to find a large selection of steiner products here. This website offers a great selection of all sorts of binoculars. I found steiner binoculars for birding, military, hunting, and more! I never knew there were so many different types of binoculars! If you are in the market for some quality binoculars, definitely check out these steiner styles. You will be impressed! Now I just have to figure out what type of binoculars Dan needs. Maybe I'll just let him choose them himself.

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      Great Valentine's Day Ideas!

      Every year I ask Dan what he wants for Valentine's Day and every year the answer is the same. He always wants me to cook him a fantastic meal.

      Our Valentine's Day dinners are a tradition that goes back to before we were married. Our first one was a frozen lasagna I reheated, frozen garlic bread, and a salad ordered from a restaurant so it would be fancy. I was a teenager and so impressed that I payed for and "cooked" everything myself. We dined at my house over candlelight at the kitchen table while my mom was banished to eating on the couch.Dan bought me the most beautiful card, well he talked his mom into letting him get it for me. I still have that card. It cost $8, that is probably the most expense card I've ever received in my life. Oh the memories.

      Fast forward to Valentine's Day 2009. I am at a loss as to what to do this year. These dinners are by far the most complicated meals I make all year long. I go all out on food, table setting, music, the works. The fact that my ideas seem to have dried up is not good! So, I was thrilled when I found these valentines day ideas. I found recipes I know I'll be using, decorating tips, and much more. There is even a section about how to celebrate Valentine's Day without breaking the bank. I was thrilled with the variety of valentines day ideas I found and am eager to try many of them out. Now, my only problem is deciding which ones to do!

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      I Made A Litter Box!

      The litter box has been causing lots of problems the past few months. When we first brought home Annabelle, she refused to use a litter box at all. It seems the one I'd got her was too small for her big, fluffy self. We actually tried three different sizes before she was happy and quit having mishaps. Then we added another cat, so we had more litter to deal with.

      Then we discovered that Dixie really likes to "clean" the litter box if you know what I mean. She eats everything out of them, then comes to lick you. Shelby joins the family and starts doing the same thing! It's so gross! So, I've been trying to find a place to put the litter box where the dogs couldn't get to it but the cats could. I really haven't had much luck, so I started looking online. I found this system called the Clevercat, which is basically a plastic tote with a hole cut in the top of the lid. The litter is in the bottom, the cat jumps through the hole, does her business inside, then jumps out. I loved the fact that it should be too deep for the dogs to get into and it eliminates all the sawdust the kitties scatter on the floor. My problem was the $30 price tag. $30 for a cut up plastic tote? Y'all know me better than that.

      So, when Lenore and I were at Alco today and I saw plastic totes were "Buy One , Get One 50% Off" I decided to try to make my own. I found several good ideas on how to do this online. Here is one that I went by. This design was different, but it said you could cut the opening into the lid, which is what I did. I traced a dinner plate onto the lid, then cut the circle out. I am almost positive that I did not use the correct tools for this because I had a really hard time doing it, plus it looks nothing like a circle. Anyway, after I did that, I used sandpaper in an effort to file down some of the sharp edges. Then I covered the entire opening with duct tape, just to make sure nothing sharp could rub against my girls. This is the finished product -

      I know it's not very pretty, but then neither was the open pan litter box. The old litter box and the bottom of this are exactly the same size, but I'm still questioning if I should have gotten a bigger size. Time will tell I guess. I'll let y'all know how it goes. I already tested it and the dogs cannot get to the stuff inside. So, now we just have to see if the kitties will use it.

      A Dream Is A Wish Your Heart Makes...

      I've always wanted to go to Walt Disney World. I think it would be incredible! We've talked about going for years, but wanted to wait until the kids were a bit older. After all, a trip like that is one we are not likely to make often, so we wanted them to be old enough to really enjoy themselves and get the full park experience. It would be awful to learn your family's one trip to Disney World happened when you were two and you spent the whole time in a stroller! I finally feel that the kids are old enough to enjoy an experience like a major theme park.

      We've never been on a family vacation and Disney World is at the top of my "Want To" list. Dan and I would love it, the kids would love it, it would be great! Unfortunately, it's just not in the budget at the moment. It does give us something to save for though. And you can find Discount Disney World Tickets, so that really helps make things a little easier.I actually have a change jar that is labeled "Disney World Fund".

      My ultimate dream is to renew our vows at Disney World. I want to be the princess and have my big day with my prince. I think it would be beautiful, romantic, and fun for everyone involved. But, that is a really big, out of this world time dream. Dan would freak out if I used the words "Disney World" and "renew our vows" in the same conversation. I guess big, fairytale weddings are much more a girl thing than a guy's!

      Taking the kids for their birthdays would be awesome as well! Can you imagine the kind of impact that what make? What a memory! I am sure that would be a hard celebrations to top! From what I read, you can get some pretty cool perks when you visit Disney World on your birthday.

      I really like that Disney World seems to offer a little something for everyone. Mom and Dad can find something they enjoy, so can Grandma and Grandpa. The kids of course would have plenty to keep them busy. Rides, things to see, shopping, eating...I'm sure you could easily spend a weekend there and not see everything. But, I'd try must best to fit it all in if I had the chance!

      I'd love to hear from my readers who have been to Disney World. Was it an incredible experience? I can't wait to hear your Disney World stories!

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      A Strange Week

      It has been a really strange week!

      Ashley was sick most of last weekend, so we went to the doctor on Monday. While we were in the waiting area, a very large mare came wondering across the parking lot. Stray horses are not something you see everyday, even though we live in the sticks. A very sharply dressed pair of drug reps had just walked out of the clinic, so we are treated to a man in a very expensive suit catching a horse with his bare hands. From this we learned that manes are not the best handles. Anyway, this man caught the horse and managed to get him into a fenced in yard next to the clinic. The people who lived there weren't home at the time; I bet they were surprised when they got home! Anyway, Ashley does not have strep throat, mono, or the flu, but what is wrong with her was never determined. She came home with antibiotics and a note to return to school on Wednesday. So, the sick little one took up a good chunk of my week.

      Yesterday, Lenore and I spent a lot of time together. We went to breakfast, then she helped me stock my shelves at a local antique/junk store. I just rented these shelves this month and am excited to see how things go. Some extra money would be nice. Anyway, Lenore organized everything for me and it looks great! We had a good time and I am so grateful for her help!

      Today has been rather busy. I needed to get caught up on household chores that had been neglected the rest of the week. Unfortunately, the school nurse was calling me by 8:30. Ashley had thrown up and they had to send her home. Fun! So, I go to the school to grab her. The receptionist lady asks if she can help me, I explain that the nurse had called me to come get my daughter, gave her name, classroom, all that jazz. The lady tells me to sign her out in this book and have a seat, which I do. About five minutes later the lady looks ate me and snaps "She's probably in the nurses' office, go get her!" I explain that I didn't know where the nurses' office was and that I'd just done what she told me to. She very snottily directs me to where my daughter is. This really bothers me because I was not in any way rude with this woman, yet she took one look at me and went from smiling to incredibly rude. Why do people have to act that way? Anyway, I got Little Miss home, called the doctor, and she took a two hour nap. Naturally, she's been 100% fine ever since waking up! I also managed to get the van registration renewed, but that's about the only thing I've accomplished that I needed to. Oh well, tomorrow is another day.

      At the moment, I have a splitting headache and am craving a nap. But there is no rest for the weary it seems. At least the weekend is here!

      Wishing you all a relaxing weekend!

      SAVING is good.

      Our Wii Fit Arrived!

      Well, our Wii Fit arrived today and I could hardly wait to check it out! It was interesting to say the least!

      I am short and fat, big surprise. Okay, it didn't say fat but it said "That's obese" in a really happy voice. I also found out my Wii Fit Age is 55. That's a difference of +25 years. Good grief! I was less than thrilled but not overly surprised.

      Tristen stepped up next. He came in as "At Risk For Being Overweight", again I was not surprised. I was impressed by his Wii Fit Age of 14, nearly perfect for his age.

      Ashley was the only family member that came in at a healthy weight. The bummer for her was her Wii Fit Age of 31, not good for a 9 year old. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that she is not real coordinated.

      So, our Wii Fit journey begins. I think it will be fun for the whole family. I am excited to see if it helps me to reach my weight loss goals. I am also hoping it helps keep the kids a bit more active. I will keep y'all updated on how we are doing.

      SAVING is good.

      Check It Out ~ A Favorite Things Swap!

      04 February 2009

      A very cool "Favorite Things" swap is going on over at Dandelion Wishes! You fill a package with your favorite things, then send it to your swap partner. I love swaps and haven't done one in ages! I am really looking forward to this one. Click on over and check it out!